The May 18 article, “Bill seeks to create place for illegal drug use” hinges on the ridiculous. First of all, it is an illegal drug; therefore, in no way can it be legal to establish such a place. What professional would take the risk of being involved with that illegal activity? Who would finance it?

People make choices and must take responsibility for their actions. If one takes any illegal drug, then one must pay. It appears that many addicts are overdosing, so Narcan is administered more than once. Those people have made a choice. Once is enough to try to help them. If Narcan is administered numerous times to the same person, then the administer becomes an enabler. Let’s get real.

Yes, there is a stigma that goes with addiction and rightfully so. It is better to have a stigma than to have a child die all for the sake of protecting the addict’s identity. Any person addicted that has a child or is pregnant should have that child removed, as children learn by example and their environment. Safety of children is paramount.

Drug dealers must be held accountable with severe punishment that sends clear message of intolerance. Tough love is necessary. By the time any person is of school age, then that person is exposed to witnessing good and bad behaviors. When bad behavior happens, severe consequences follow. Let’s get real and start being honest with ourselves. Communicate at an early age about making positive choices.

We need more enforcement to get the dealers off the streets, not put money in to establishing safe places where illegal drug use might be done. Let’s get this scourge behind us. We as a nation deserve no less.

Debbie Sherman