Voteralert: The Republicans in the state Legislature are willing to shut down state government rather than fund our schools at the mandated 55 percent. That’s right — they are willing to grind things to halt and lay off tens of thousands of workers temporarily in order to avoid funding our schools as the law requires.

The Legislature is heading toward a shutdown over the upcoming budget. A major sticking point is the 3 percent surcharge for people making over $200,000 that would help pay for our schools. Maine voters approved this move with Question 2 during the last election, and the Republicans are ignoring our vote.

How many Mainers would this affect? The top 1 percent, most of whom make their money through investments rather than paychecks, according to the conservative Maine Heritage Policy Center’s study.

In other words, if your family makes under $200,000, this surcharge will not include you. The Republicans are hysterically crying that the sky will fall and the economy will be ruined if this passes, but that is not the case. What will happen is our property taxes could fall because of the reduced burden on property owners with larger state funding.

Who would you rather support — local schools or the wealthiest 1 percent? Contact your Republican legislators today and tell them you will hold them personally responsible if state government shuts down and if our school are underfunded.

Linda Buckmaster


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