America is losing its religious freedoms by the day through the work of the anti-Constitution and politically correct liberal establishment. These groups have no regard for common sense and Constitutional law.

One wonders, where are the voices of outrage among the Christian churches in this country? The churches have been strangely quiet when fellow Christians have been prosecuted for upholding their Christian faith.

Such as:

• Aaron and Melissa Klein, a Christian couple in Oregon that was fined $135,000 because they declined to celebrate a same-sex marriage.

• Kelvin Cochran, a former outstanding chief in the city of Atlanta, was fired after writing a book on Christian discipleship that included biblical teaching on marriage.

• Joe Kennedy, a high school football coach in Bremerton, Washington, who was fired by his school because of his private prayers at midfield after games.

• Dr. Eric Walsh, a health administrator who had a job offer rescinded by the state of Georgia after it learned he was a lay minister and reviewed sermons in his church where he defended the Bible teaching on marriage.

Our nation’s Christian churches should have protested. The government in these cases was unconstitutional for their violation of their religious rights. These government officials showed their ignorance not knowing American law. One would have to ask, why weren’t the American Christian churches not supporting their fellow Christians?

Marcel LeRoi


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