Police officers in England do not carry guns; that is left up to specially trained officers. According to the everyday officers, they are in agreement of this rule. They prefer to utilize the “British Bobby” standard. However, there has been a call for more specially trained officers who are equipped to use firearms.

I wish that England would allow their police officers to carry firearms. I believe that that’s why radical Islamists are targeting them ā€” because they don’t. That’s why we don’t see as many attacks in America ā€” our officers are prepared. I hope that I have not spoken too soon. America remains in everlasting jeopardy.

It is only recently that American law enforcement officers are being trained against terrorists. I have a feeling in my gut that we’re not up to speed yet either.

Just because a person wants to protect and serve the community, or the nation, does not mean that they want to die for it. What good comes of that? None. All that if affords is to allow terrorists to move forward, as if those officers were just an obstacle easily trod upon.

Law enforcement officers put their lives in danger every second that they are on duty. God bless the men and women in blue.

For those who have died in the line of duty, I salute you. May you rest in peace. You will never be forgotten. For those who serve, or aspire to serve, I salute you. You have the undying gratitude of those whom you serve.

Deanna Hersom


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