Washington lacks leadership. The quagmire begins in the White House. A billionaire businessman dictates like he is running a business instead of a country. Being the boss of a corporation is nothing like running a country. Yet Donald Trump decides to snub the global economy with the promise of focusing on America’s economy. Like it or not, America is not in a bubble — we are a big part of the world market. Trump wrenches us out of Paris accord, and the result will damage our economy. U.S. corporate heads declare this move as detrimental to our economy. Besides that, would anyone really trust the motives and actions of Trump?

Another leadership void is from Maine’s Republican representative, Bruce Poliquin. He is lacking in creating change, appearing indifferent to what swirls around him. He is silent about a lack of ethics existing in this White House, and on Trump’s bad policies for America and Maine.

When Poliquin does speak, he does so to vote for a shoddy health care policy. The Republican plan will create chaos. It will harmfully impact citizen’s access to health care and negatively affect our economy. The experts have weighed in to say how bad the health plan is: hospital and nursing home administrators, physician and nursing organizations, and their very own Congressional Budget Office. Would anyone really trust the motives of Poliquin?

Both of these men have wealth. Both these men are businessmen with a track record that is shady. Both men work the system to their benefit without forethought to how it impacts others. The con is on us if we trust either of these men. Their motivations are suspect.

Let’s keep these men and others accountable for their actions.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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