I read the June 8 article “Faith stands with immigrants,” and I was very discouraged to see the clergy and people of faith standing up for immigrants living in the country illegally.

First of all, this is great teachings for our children — that is, to disobey our laws as they exists regardless of consequence to country or to the citizens of the United States.

The term “illegal immigrant” was first recorded in American English in 1892, but had been used since 1887, and for a reason. Maybe the clergy need to update their readings and those that follow take a second look at the standings of the clergy’s stance.

This stance on immigrants in the country illegally must mean that it is also OK to drink and drive, kick or butt another players in the head while playing a sport, trespass, to steal, etc. Wow, this would make life easy, not to mention reduce the workload of law enforcement.

Believe it or not, there are ways that immigrants who are here illegally can gain legal status. Maybe the clergy should investigate the steps in applying for visas or U.S. citizenship. After all, that’s why those steps are there.

Those that showed support in Augusta should take an hour and research the cost to the states and federal government and especially the West Coast states for food, clothing, health care, housing, schooling, crime, for immigrants who are in the country illegally. It totals in the billions of dollars each year. Think of where that money could be used. How about schools, infrastructure, and reduction of property taxes to name a few.

Norman L. Mitchell Sr.