To all the young adult troublemakers, don’t you know stealing is against the law?

My husband and I let our cat outside; to let a cat be a happy cat we always have. I know a lot of people would say not to. Our cat always stayed near the house, never going far. She also hated vehicles.

Then on the morning of March 30, she was ripped from her home and family that loves and cares for her. She has not been returned.

If the person that took her dropped her off many miles from home as a lark, I would like them to know there are things that can happen to a house cat. She could get hit by a vehicle, caught by a wild animal, such as a fox or fisher, or a dog.

We know that there are a lot of good people looking for her, and have help from a local shelter. But our loved cat does not deserve this kind of treatment.

This kind of thing happens all the time, we were told by a volunteer from the Maine Pet Recovery. This has to stop.

Diana Jaquith


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