I find the recent news about further casino infestation in Maine disturbing. You hear the term “disturbing” a lot in the Trump era. I’ve another word for our national reality show … but I’ll just move on.

Responding to recent casino conundrum, I posted: “Consider those giddy Oxford Casino commercials and ask yourself; do we need to watch more of that inane rubbish? Or, do we need the stench of casino ‘gaming’ wafting in the clean, fresh outdoor air — synonymous with Maine?”

Someone posting as “ParForTheCourse” responded: “Casinos are like branch banks and pharmacies that pop up on every corner in cities and towns across the state. At some point, you have to ask; why do we need so many?”

No, we don’t (sir or madam). The reason’s simple. Like casinos, banks and pharmacies are hugely profitable. Sure, they serve a legitimate purpose. But too many banks charge obscene amounts on high credit card interest rates or easily attained loans for superfluous “wants” vs. legitimate “needs.”

Pharmacies serve a needful purpose. But the big bucks are raked off the plethora of junk sold (mostly to us oldsters) under the illusion that some new miracle breakthrough product will make you happier and healthier. Highly popular among grandparents, geriatric athletes and. of course, lascivious lovers — while (curiously) bathing in separate tubs.

Alas,”the time is always right” when luring and catering to our insecurities. Trump catered to our basic insecurities and worse fears … uh, any questions there?

I’m just “disturbed” lately. Gov. Paul LePage says he’s “ashamed to be part of this government.” Disturbing … why doesn’t he just quit?

Sorry to be so grumpy. Hope your summer’s going better than mine. Go Sox!

Buddy Doyle


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