I sent a package through the U.S. Postal Service to my elderly mother on Dec. 19, 2016. The tracking shows it disappeared in a Massachusetts sorting facility. I spent dozens of hours fighting for a refund. Now the postal service has refused my final appeal because I don’t have a dated receipt for the two pints of elderberry syrup that I sent.

This was a medicinal product made with the finest organic ingredients. I spent hours making this in my crippled condition. The post office will only reimburse “lost” items that were purchased from big business with a dated receipt. They will not honor homemade items.

If you spent a hundred hours knitting a sweater, they might reimburse the yarn. But what if you spun your own yarn? Too bad. You won’t see a penny/ They will not even reimburse the $10 I spent to mail the product.

It just does not seem right that the post office is above the law. They should be held accountable just like other businesses. My package did not go missing at a doorstep. It went missing inside of a U.S. postal facility, and someone in there knows where it went.

Christine Gavitt


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