PITTSFIELD — Maine Central Institute recently announced the following students were named to the fourth-quarter honor roll for the 2016-17 school year.

Seniors — Highest honors: Jung Hyun Jennie Bae, Abigail Bernier, Maria Carvallo, Aidan Peacock, Carter Richmond and Brayden Rollins.

High honors: Gabrielle Benedetto, Jody Bickford, Kunyi Max Chang, Zachary Erving, Lanqing Cathy Huang, Amber King, Alexey Krechko, Marshall Lawler, John Linkletter, Chelsea Lydem, Keely Manzo, Carter Pearl, Sebastian Peill-Meininghaus, Thuy Thi Phuong Phan, Emily Richmond, Charlie Swift, Jie Lyndon Tao, Elizabeth Thibodeau and Hunter Wintle.

Honors: Seth Mason and Aaron Noonan.

Juniors — Highest honors: Yuxin Isaac Bai, Meghan Cookson, Clair Gerry, Quanyin Hank He, Allison Hughes, Jinsu Jang, Abigail Monteyro, Aaron Schanck, Anna Simeone, Micaela Simeone, Nikki Stewart, Elspeth Taylor, Devon Varney and Sarah Welch.

High honors: Eva Bickford, Chon Hou Chan, Yu Jack Chen, Olivia Durkee, Qi Priest Feng, Madison Fitts, Hannah Folan, Pablo Garcia Atienza, Cassidy Hamm, Nicholas Howard, Haiyi Hoiyi Huang, Benjamin Kennedy, Hyunjin Kim, Sarah Kossowan, April McAlpine, Xingzhi Tony Mei, Connor Miholovich, Thanh Phat John Nguyen, Maxine Piatt, Li Aaron Tian, Caroline Vigue, Linda Vrbova, Chen Wendy Wang, Addi Williams, Tian Zhang, Qingyi Connie Zhu and Siqi Veronica Zhu.

Honors: Ciera Hamlin.

Sophomores — Highest honors: Maia Blake, Hayden Caldwell, Son Hai Dao, Blake Dawes, Avery Gosselin, Margaret Hodgins, Duy Bao Huynh, Jesse Kulynych Griffith, Quynh Trang Jessie Nguyen, Elisabeth Parker, Yangkaiqi Kitty Ren, Astrud Robichaud, Kyra Rosenberg, Angel Torrado Alvarez, Bao Dang Hung Pegasus Tran, Viet Tuan Harry Van, Mykayla Weinstein and Kendrah Willey.

High honors: Janghyun Jett Baek, Christa Carr, Brianna Cates, Nicholas Clark, Lily DeGrasse, Destinee Duprey, Jettah Files, Tyler Gaouette, Matthew Glidden, Madison Hallee, Richard Hallowell, Xiaohan Richard Hou, Ziyang Henry Huang, Alana Isabelle, Jada Jensen, Sarah Kelly, Josie Libby, Xinyu JoJo Ma, Audrey McCannell, Caitlin McKenney, Helen O Brien, Zeyu Jerry Peng, Lorna Pinet, Tucker Sharples, Nan Kevin Shen, Matthew Singh, Anna Smith, Johnathan Swift, Fuyu Simon Tian, Shengkaibo Arthur Wang, Angela Waskewicz, Liana Waskewicz and Xun Octavia Zhao.

Freshmen — Highest honors: Olivia Allen, Makaila Bailey, Tabyr Briggs, Dyllon Dunton, Gabriel Howes, Grace Linkletter, Riley Max, Erin Nolan, Ava Patterson, Alexis Tardy, Isaac Tardy, Edith Tierney, Ethan Varney, Kylie Woodman and Alexander Yan.

High Honors: Bartianna Brown, Carrie Burr, Leah Bussell, Vivian Duncombe, Jillian Frost, Taylor Gallway, Sean Higgins, Emily Linkletter, Sara Linkletter, Amanda Neas, Hannah Peacock, Abigeal Shea, Tony Stewart, Eva Walden, Yuxin Jennifer Wen and Mallory Whitley.

Honors: Amelia Rhoda.

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