It’s simply a fact that prescription medications are a part of life for many Mainers, particularly older Mainers. It’s also true that many older Mainers are on fixed incomes and the prescription medications on which they rely can be hugely expensive. So when lower-cost generic medications are available, they can be both a financial and medical lifesaver.

That’s why I’m hoping the Maine Legislature will pass “An Act Regarding Generic Drug Pricing.” This bill aims to help more Mainers have more options for generic medications with the goal of giving us a break from the seemingly ever-rising cost of prescription drugs. We need a break.

I won’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical industry, but I do know that with people’s lives relying on the medications they make, it only seems right that we do what we can to make those medications available and affordable.

Melissa Sylvester


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