When you go into a grocery store, you have the option to pay lower prices for generic products of many foods and household goods. Why shouldn’t we have the same broad access to generic prescription medication? I think we should, and that’s why I was so glad to hear that steps are being taken in the Maine Legislature to help increase access to lower cost generic medications.

The bill that would do so, “An Act Regarding Generic Drug Pricing,” has bipartisan support and has already received strong support in a committee vote. The crux of the legislation is that it would put an enforcement provision into Maine law for a part of federal law that already exists, but lacks an enforcement provision. Should the bill become law, drug manufacturers would face consequences in Maine for purposefully delaying the sharing of samples that could help with the development of generic, less expensive medications.

The cost of prescription drugs is a problem for Mainers. It’s a problem all across the United States. I hope our full Legislature will follow the lead of the committee vote on “An Act Regarding Generic Drug Pricing” and pass this bill into law.

Virgil Bozeman


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