DAMARISCOTTA — The wedding quilt made for Esther Jameson Newbert in 1856 holds a special place in the textile collection of the Chapman-Hall House. Inspired by the care and skilled used in making this signature quilt, the Chapman-Hall House Stewardship Committee decided to adapt the design and reproduce the spirit of the quilt as its major 2017 fundraising project.

This past spring the committee invited locals to sew a square for the special project and personalize it by signing their name on the square and/or adding a verse. The original quilt was made up of 33 squares; the 2017 version has 36 and measures 78-by-86 inches, just one inch in difference from Newbert’s.

The Cat’s Cradle patchwork design used by Newbert’s friends and family was copied in white and green fabrics for the quilt. The sashing fabric strips between the squares are a soft yellow print. In addition to the names and verses now part of this new heirloom, there are five squares left blank for the winner of the quilt to personalize.

Raffle tickets are available for purchase between noon and 4 p.m. any weekend at the Chapman-Hall House or call Natalie House at 563-8441.

For more information, email [email protected].