I am pleased to see that there is a bipartisan effort to increase Mainers’ access to affordable prescription medications. Reading the recent op-eds on the issue that have been published in this paper, I am encouraged that legislators from both parties are working together to make progress on the very real problem of prescription drug prices.

Living in the 21st century, we are fortunate that science has made so many life-saving drugs available to the world. However, as was pointed out in the op-eds published on June 5 and June 20, the companies who manufacture these drugs delay the sharing of drug samples (even though the law says that generic drug companies are entitled to those samples), and in doing so prevent more affordable versions from getting to market.

I hope that the Maine Legislature passes “An Act Regarding Generic Drug Pricing” to help stop this practice and help Mainers get better access to more affordable medications.

Corey Wilson


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