ORONO — The University of Maine recently announced the following local students were named to its 2017 spring semester dean’s list.

Androscoggin County: Callie Greco, Clifford Greco, Nicole Hofacker and Sierra Santomango, all of Greene; Jacob Foss, Ben Greenwood and Jacob Sol, all of Livermore; Natalie Goding, of Livermore Falls; Kayla Gayton, of Sabattus; and Anthony DeGone, Brianna DeGone, Julia Dillingham, Emma Fournier, Nathanael Goulette, Zachary Goulette, David Hersom, Hannah LaClaire, Noah Lovejoy, Chad Morin, Taylor Ouellette, Emily Shaw and Hannah Varney, all of Turner.

Franklin County: Finley Mackay, of Carrabassett Valley; Ryan Flanagan, Ethan Howatt, Rachel Karno, Daniel Lesko, Nathan Pratt-Holt, Casey Rogers and Aaron Willingham, all of Farmington; Sarah Dean and Hanna Deon, both of Industry; Jasmine Bussiere, Alexander Hartford, Lauren Hebert, Joshua Horne, Kayla Meserve, Tyler Ritter and Melanie Robitaille, all of Jay; Emma Houston, Christopher Murphy and Seth Thomas, all of Kingfield; Shireen Luick, Brooke Pietri, Daniel Reed and Jacob Williams, all of New Sharon; Alexandra Harnden, Ivy Mitman and Reilly Romanoski, all of Strong; Sojourn Granquist, of West Farmington; and Ruth Leopold, of Wilton.

Kennebec County: Jared Grenier and Daniel Heard, both of Albion; David Audet, Arianna Castonguay, Luke Dang, Brandon Emerson, Elisha Glusker, Mckenzie Green, Todd Hawkins, Josie Heath, Lauren Hubbard, Jacob Poland, Joshua Poland, Olivia Rancourt, Nicholas Seile and Liam Stokes, all of Augusta; Lucia Guarnieri, Emmitt Heath, Sawyer Michaud, Josiah Paradis and Jill Twist, all of Belgrade; Kacey Bickford, of Benton; Justin Puckett and Kasidy Turgeon, both of Chelsea; Aaron Brown, Taylor Meidahl and Lilla Tilton-Flood, all of Clinton; David Austin, Paige Belanger, Josie Champagne, Zachary Hale, Trevor Hamblet, Joseph Leclair, Lindsay Morris, Taylor Rolfe and Anthony Sementelli, all of Fairfield; Clara Irvine, Steven Longfellow, Marissa Smith and Olivia Welch, all of Farmingdale; Alex Black, Natalie Harmon, Olivia Swimm and Thayer Whitney, all of Fayette; Nicole Chadwick, Brianna DeSoto, Emily Kobrock, Hannah Morgan and Matthew Plourde, all of Gardiner; Jarod Dye, Adam Fullmer, Anna Hodgkins and Samuel Shepherd, all of Hallowell; Margaret Keeley, of Kents Hill; Brady Andrews, Amanda Bloss and Trevor Tufts, all of Litchfield; Caden Brown, Melissa Garand, Teaka Jackson, Tyler Lang, Benjamin McLaughlin, Shawn Smith and Duy Vo, all of Manchester; Michelle Conner, Brandon Goff, Angus Koller, Anna Kulinski, Amy Lamore, Brianna Mosher, Benjamin Robichau, Paul Ruopp and Marinna Smith, all of Monmouth; Lily Bragg, of Mount Vernon; Teri Sanford, Sidney Wilson, both of North Monmouth; Kaylee Bates, Dylan Burton, Corey Foye, Jessica Holz, Benjamin Schaff, Cody Stevens and James Stevens, all of Oakland; Brittany Chesley, of Pittston; Andrew Moran, Paul-Jacob Richmond, Alexander Roberts and Andrew Roberts, all of Randolph; Hannah Colan, Taylor Cray, Mitchell Fellows, Grace Kavanah, Eleanor Nazar, Victoria Nolette and Ashley Russell, all of Readfield; Jordan Pelletier and Julia Schnee, both of Rome; Kyle Bernier, Taylor Lenentine, Christopher Longley, Haleigh Moran, Daniel Paradis, Amy Pinkham and Taylor Poissonnier, all of Sidney; Lilja Bernheim, Emily Deering, Alyssa Gartley, Jared Gartley, Alton Hawk, Kaitlyn Hayward, James Poulin and Sarah Poulin, all of South China; Taylor Bailey, Brielle Balmer, Moriah Cloutier, Nicholas Gayer, Patricia Hasson, Alexis LaChance and Jeffrey Pulver, all of Vassalboro; Aurore Looney, of Vienna; Alan Baez, Kellie Bolduc, Jennifer Christensen, Alexander Danner, Cassandra Dechaine, Marisa Jolicoeur, Jennifer MacArthur, Morgan Pellerin, James Robe, Amy Samson, Allison Scully and Todd Serbent, all of Waterville; Nicole Castonguay and Rachel Castonguay, both of Wayne; Katelyn Bilodeau, Jessica Champagne, Thomas Colfer, Kristin Cosgrove, Emalee Couture, Jacob Dodge, Dylan Haskell, Justin Ladner, Hannah Luken and Bryce Smith, all of West Gardiner; Jordan Bowie, of Windsor; Nicole Fletcher, Allison LeClair, Cody Maroon, Madison Morneault, Karlee Price, James Raymond, Rachel Sirois, Gabriel Smith and Aysha Vear, all of Winslow; and Kevin Chamberland, Brianna Smith and Aaron St Pierre, all of Winthrop.

Knox County: Wyatt Berry, Natalie Hamalainen, Cory Johnson, Sarah Mitchell, Henry Owen and Caleb Stern, all of Camden; Jane van der Schaaf, Samuel Varga, both of Union; and Patrick Madden, Bailey McCaffery, both of Washington.

Lincoln County: Andrew Hutchins, of Alna; Logan Molt and Thilee Yost, both of Damariscotta; Taylor Houdlette, of Dresden; Hannah Elder, of Edgecomb; Julia Fasano, of Jefferson; Alexis Bailey and Nathan Towle, both of Newcastle; Hannah Ladd and Phoenix Throckmorton-Hansford, both of Somerville; Joshua Brecker, Claire Lupien, Shania Melvin, Olivia Pennington, Taylor Poli, Kristi Severson and Jacob Stevenson, all of Waldoboro; and Cory Pedersen, Ryan Pedersen, Robert Soohey and Stephen Soohey, all of Whitefield; and Maeve Carlson, Matthew Mills and Hannah Welborn, all of Wiscasset.

Sagadahoc County: Abigail Morgan, of Bowdoin; Nathan Mackenzie, Brandon Peterson, Adeline Schneider, Lydia Schneider and Griffin Stockford, all of Bowdoinham; Danica Hurley, Brianna Snedeker and Lauren Umberhind, all of Richmond; and Michael Crawford, Jacob Demosthenes, Alex Denis, Dylan Earl-Johnson, Erika Everett, Emma Hutchinson, Evangeline Jerome, Michelle Pelletier, Joseph Reed, Rebecca Schuman, William Tooher and Olivia Watson, all of Topsham.

Somerset County: Lanie Howes, Jacob Johnson and Zachary Linkletter, all of Athens; Brianna Ballard and Leah Carron, both of Detroit; Bailey Carter, Ciera Poulin and Breanna Scoville, all of Fairfield; Arend Thibodeau, of Harmony; Patrick Burr, Lydia Elwell, MeiWa Li and Makenzie Wheeler, all of Hartland; Evan Worster, of Jackman; Seth Dillon, Briar Edgerly, Joshua Girgis and Justin Hadley, all of Madison; Jaycee Cushman, Emily Greaney and Megan Hooper, all of Mercer; Jordan Belanger, of Moscow; Connor Kreider, Nicholas LaGross, Ryan LaGross and Morganne Robinson, all of Palmyra; Alexander Audet, Gavrielle Enriquez, Cassandra Miller, Braden Monteyro, Logan Rollins and Jamie Wone, all of Pittsfield; Katherine Miller, of Rockwood; Everett Coulter and Allison Mendonca, both of St. Albans; Maria Beaulieu, Kirstie Belanger, Nicolette Curran, Brooke Curtis, Sarah Foster, Elijah Holland, Matthew Kay, Alanna Luther, Chase Nelson and Alanna Wacome, all of Skowhegan; Amanda Joy, Eben Lenfest, Tanner Towle, all of Smithfield; and Brandon Dixon and Kilee Nile, both of Solon.

Waldo County: Eliana Bergdoll, of Burnham; Briana Littlefield, of Freedom; Aaron Kress, Emily Lewis, Heath Mathieson and Hannah Waters, all of Liberty; and Abigail Glidden, of Palermo.

Dean’s list students completed 12 or more credit hours in the semester and earning a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

About the University of Maine:

The University of Maine, founded in Orono in 1865, is the state’s land grant university, with research and community engagement classifications awarded by the Carnegie Foundation. UMaine is among the most comprehensive higher education institutions in the Northeast and attracts students from Maine and 49 other states, and 63 countries. It currently enrolls 11,219 total undergraduate and graduate students who can directly participate in groundbreaking research working with world-class scholars. The University of Maine offers 35 doctoral degrees, 85 master’s degrees, and more than 90 undergraduate majors and academic programs; and one of the oldest and most prestigious honors programs in the U.S. The university promotes environmental stewardship, with substantial efforts campuswide aimed at conserving energy, recycling and adhering to green building standards. For more information about UMaine, visit umaine.edu.

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