MONMOUTH — Monmouth Academy has announced its second-semester honor roll for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Grade 12 — Summa cum laude: Nicole Auger, Caroline Balano-Stott, Rebecca Bero, Kelsea Blanton, Nathan Brown, Amelia Freeman, Avery Gagne, Daniel Martin, Kennedi Mellen, Briana Moody, Hunter Richardson, Lilliane Verrill and Emmeline Willey.

Magna cum laude: Mathew Foulke, Adam Hayes, Olivia Homer, Gina Schultz and Victoria Spencer.

Cum laude: Thomas Arps, Elizabeth Brann, Mackenzi Burgess, Austin Child, Nathan Cram, Rhiannon Dumond, Izabella Lewis, Liliana Stewart and Alyssa Thompson.

Grade 11 — Summa cum laude: Abbey Allen, Madalyn Amero, Tia Day, Christopher Dumont, Dylan Goff, Rebecca Jordan, Devon Poisson and Elliot Sharples.

Magna cum laude: Devin Allen, Hannah Anderson, Andrew Blundon, Ann Bragdon, Jenna Brown, Keegan Foster, Emily Grandahl, Joshua Gunnells, Abigail Hunt, Joshua Kenney, Cody Roy, Abram Sirois, Rico Snowman and Ethan Thombs.

Cum laude: Sierra Brown, Paige Burnham, Emily Chasse, Mahala Hayden, Brittany Nadeau, Danielle Parker, Robert Pettengill and Sarah Scott.

Grade 10 — Summa cum laude: Benjamin Brooks, Kayla Brooks, Evan Burnell, Morgan Crocker, Abby Ferland, Trevor Flanagan, Caitlyn Kenney, Luke Martin, Lauren Moran and Spencer Richardson.

Magna cum laude: Kaeti Butterfield, Jessica Clavet, Connor Davies, Kyle Gunnells, Jillian Harris, Mariah Herr, Madeline Lombardo, Elizabeth Mason, Cheyenne Pease, McKenzie Stevens, Grace Therriault and Jessica Withee.

Cum laude: Andrew Bazinet, Briana Bentley, Breeanna Cameron, Olivia Caron, Beth Farmer, Carlos Garcia, Julia Johnson, Haylee Langlois, Jasmine Larrabee, Amaya Marston, Matthew O’Connell, Olivia Sirois and Renee St. Claire.

Grade 9 — Summa cum laude: Libby Clement, Amber Currie, Jordyn Gowell, Natalie Grandahl, Katherine Harris, Campbell Houston, Kaitlin Hunt, Alexis Trott and Edmund Zuis.

Magna cum laude: Deanna Bauer, Lexie Estes, Lydia Handley, Elyse Homer, Kathryn Jordan, Annalyse Lewis, Gabriel Martin, Thomas Neal, Hayle Warner and Delaney Willey.

Cum laude: Brie-Anna Bates, Caitlin Cram, Nicholas Deblois and Madison Wright.

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