It’s time for a total change in Winthrop. We need and deserve better. It is embarrassing to have adults in leadership roles make huge errors in math that effect the school budget. To think we are teaching our young in a community that can’t even get simple math done correctly.

Then some play the blame game, which sends a very bad message to children. Apparently some feel that it is OK to not own up to a mistake. Shame on all the citizens that have allowed this to happen. I am some glad I don’t have children in our school system. I believe heads need to roll by replacing anyone who has been a part of these huge errors.

After learning last summer of the more than $700,000 school budget deficit, I recently read in the news that another error in finances has happened to the tune of $166,000. Totally inexcusable.

At least the city manager, Peter Neilson, has owned up to a mistake and is stepping down. Now the superintendent needs to do the same so Winthrop can once again be the wonderful community it use to be.

People want and deserve quality in education and government and it certainly is not happening in Winthrop.

Debbie Sherman


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