In regards to the ridiculous bantering on both sides of the health-care debate, let’s here from regular folks about real-life experiences.

I have Harvard Pilgrim insurance through my employer. It is a policy with a high deductible, but excellent coverage and a superb customer service experience. I have metastatic cancer, which began in the colon and advanced to the liver and then the lungs. My premiums went up by double digits under the ACA (which the Democrats allege will happen under the new Republican proposal). Now Harvard Pilgrim has announced a 48 percent increase, still under the ACA, or they will have to leave the state.

This is outrageous. Stop the inane bickering and sit down to address this issue. The ACA is in fact crumbling, and left to its own will fail. The Republican bill is no better as written. Liberal Democrats like Rep. Chellie Pingree and Sen. Angus King (yes, Angus, you are a Democrat) and conservative Republicans like Rep. Bruce Poliquin need to wake up and work together to resolve this issue. Moderates like Susan Collins are the answer — listen to them and strike a responsible bargain before there is a collapse of health care in this country.

Jay Mooney


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