How much longer must this country deal with a manical personality who is more occupied with calling attention to himself than doing the job he was elected to do? How is it possible the leader of the highest office in the land is allowed to govern as he has in the past few months?

Spending untold hours tweeting does not a leader make. It only serves to feed his insatiable need for attention. This is what I call “fake news.” Already, the United States has seen the damage he is capable of creating by a stroke of a pen. He continues to create chaos in the West Wing by not taking advice and pleas from his staff, which he claims he doesn’t need in matters he knows nothing about.

Spewing out facts and figures that have no validity is conduct unbecoming and demeaning to the position he holds. If he is allowed to continue governing in the coming years ahead, his four-year rein will be detrimental in all three branches of government, which may never recover.

Is this considered leadership?

Peg Beedy


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