The June 15 editorial, “Our View: LePage wins bond fight, but seniors will suffer,” was a disservice to our governor.

The need for safe, affordable housing for our seniors is a figment of your imagination. I am over 80 years old and I don’t need more housing, and I know many that are in my age bracket. I occasionally see some that feel like they could use a “freebie,” and it is usually because they didn’t plan ahead when they were younger.

The funds were approved because voters were told the federal government was going to match these bonds. They were misled by thinking that was free money. I pay federal taxes every year and I don’t figure federal money is free money.

I also question the number of good housing units advocates say are needed. I wonder who established that figure. I, for one, do not believe it.

And yes, there are a lot of seniors living in houses that are too large for them, but most of them would not leave if they had a smaller place to go to, because they have lived there most of their lives. Most of the problems were poor planning when they were younger and couldn’t see the future.

I had a personal interview with Gov. Paul LePage recently, and I believe that he is working for the middle class and is a very practical fellow with a lot of common sense, which I don’t find the writers for this paper to have. Your paper is saying our legislators aren’t very smart because they used good common sense and sided with our governor. You folks don’t seem very smart to me. Actually you should be ashamed of this view.

Also my interview with Gov. LePage took place on his day off, which was a Saturday. I commend him for holding off on the bonds.

You mentioned the $49 million bond issue that was passed in 2009, but you didn’t mention the interest that the taxpayer is still paying on that bond. And on and on each year the interest has to be paid. If this was mentioned each time they want to float a bond, and make the people of Maine aware that is ongoing, I think the voters would take a second thought about how to vote.

Richard Eaton is a resident of Fairfield.

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