My name is Hadley and I go to Hall-Dale Middle School. On July 12, I asked my dad how his day was, and he replied with, “OK, but I had to say goodbye to one of my good friends.” So I asked him why.

He told me his friend moved to America from China when he was 17. He went to college for three years to become a social worker, so then he worked at Pathways to Maine (where my dad works) and worked there for a year. Now he has to move back to China, and he has until the end of the month. When my dad said it was the law, I started thinking that it is absurd that just because someone was not born in America they are not allowed to live here without a green card or a type of visa card.

I believe this because America was built on immigrants, so why are we making them leave? Also, why are we not letting men, women and children from Syria into our country, they need our help.

Donald Trump is not letting them in because he is afraid. Afraid of what, you ask? He is afraid ISIS will pose as citizens of Syria and perform a terrorist attack. Have you ever heard the statement, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? Well, I think that fits the situation.

Why is it different for people who are born in America and people who aren’t born in America? I hope we can make a change.

Hadley Hayward, 13


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