America has much on its plate and always has. We have been a world leader, a steady force in a world of uncertainty and turmoil. This historically firm hand has been abruptly pulled away from maintaining order and stability in the world. We are being isolationists under Donald Trump. America is now leaderless both at home and abroad. We are slowly being displaced from the world stage by other nations, such as China. And the future being made now will impact future generations in a damaging way.

When we have a rudderless boat, we need to find a new captain and crew. This administration is breaking down the liberties we have, and those who support Donald Trump are blinded by the glow of what they perceive is a billionaire speaking for them. This captain’s supporters think it is alright to tell lie after lie, or to deceive friends and foes alike.

Trump and his crew, this present administration, is guilty of a barrage of derisiveness toward the media except Fox, demeaning and belittling women, trashing anyone who voice opinions different than his own, and always blaming someone else. But this is his watch, and it all falls on him.

America hopes for leaders. We have always found them when we needed them. We are leaderless presently. but I am hopeful because the citizens will see through the distractions, lies and deceit. I hope that our Maine politicians support what is best for Maine and America. I would like to see Rep. Bruce Poliquin pick up one of those reins of leadership. For now he has disappointed. His work is limited and not well thought out. He adheres to a partyline rather than what is good for us. We will remember and we are watching.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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