This letter is regarding the July 12 article “Land for Hallowell fire station donated” by Jason Pafundi. Mr. Pafundi has accused me of misleading statements, none of which he has identified. He has made no attempt to interview me regarding the leaflet he discusses.

On June 12, I attended a Hallowell City Council meeting hoping to ask questions regarding cost for the land where the new fire station will be built. Refusing to answer, Mayor Mark Walker said he was “not ready to give out that information — not prepared.” Challenged, he did not deny that the council was in negotiations, saying “not necessarily.” During that time there was a rumor floating — a rumor I had nothing to do with — that the council was considering paying $300,000 for the land.

I began distributing the leaflet 10 days before the article revealed the “donation” of the land by Matt Morrill.

At the council meeting on July 10, I asked who is paying for demolition of the Farwell building on the site. City Manager Nate Rudy questioned whether he should answer me. He did say the cost is about $20,000 — a real low-ball.

We, the taxpayers, are paying for demolition. The net result is that the council is relieving Mr. Morrill of a liability, the decrepit building.

I stand by my statements of the leaflet distributed on June 29. Stevens Commons is the gift that will keep on taking.

Patricia Connors


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