This is in response to the July 26 article, “Group takes aim at plastic bags.”

Every time I go shopping I am disturbed when I see people flowing out of local stores with with their purchases stacked high in plastic bags. Therefore I am very relieved to know that there are community groups such as the Sustain Mid Maine Coalition that realize the dangers of the proliferation of plastic. I applaud them for taking action to regulate its use.

It is the responsibility — no, the imperative — of all of us to use cloth bags or any non-plastic alternatives to carry our purchases. Both our big-box and grocery stores offer attractive, very inexpensive — and often free — bags that can be used over and over again.

There are two islands the size of Texas floating in the ocean. Those “islands” are completely made from plastic debris. Perhaps that fact alone might be enough incentive for people to want to tackle this enormous problem. Do your part. Bring a bag, and not a plastic one.

Anna Freeman

West Athens

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