I am tired. Tired of shedding tears over people I do not know.

A recent edition of the Maine Sunday Telegram showed two young handsome lads dead at such a young age. One parent had the courage to list the cause as drug addiction. If only more parents would do the same. Get the message out there that good people are dying in this war.

Do not be ashamed. If your son had died in Vietnam, would you be ashamed, or would you list his cause of death as died in combat defending his country?

This is a war of great magnitude — far greater than Vietnam, in which I served in 1968-69. Maine lost 341 of its youth druing 10 years in Vietnam. Maine last year alone we lost 378 to heroin addiction.

Please let those numbers sink in. This is a war and your sons and daughters are all victims in this war, which really is not being fought yet. Shame on our state and our country for not addressing one of the greatest wars we have ever fought.

James Carey


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