Don Roberts’ July 29 column “Tweeting away the presidency” is surely much too little and much too late.

Anyone watching the last presidential campaign should have seen that Trump was temperamentally, morally, and intellectually unqualified to be president. That someone so crude, so vulgar, so dishonest could attract a following reflects badly on the Republican Party.

On what “issues” does Roberts agree with Trump? Protecting the environment? Preventing another financial meltdown like 2008? Ensuring that all Americans have access to decent health care? Protecting Medicare and Social Security? Reducing income inequality?

Today’s Republican Party is rotten to the core. Their goal is clear: pay for huge tax cuts for the wealthy by cutting Medicaid and many other social programs that benefit poor and working-class Americans. Turn Medicare into a voucher program. The public interest be damned.

Republicans in Congress no longer pretend to care what Americans want or think. Their recent attempts to gut Americans’ health care, with no public hearings, are but a precursor of their plans for the future. Develop legislation in secret, allow no public input, and force simple-majority votes in the Senate.

Three Republican senators (out of 52) voted courageously on health care. Will three have the courage to stop a tax “reform” bill laden with goodies for the super-rich?

Republicans in Congress hope to use Trump to further their agenda while ignoring the obvious: Trump dishonors the presidency and our country. His appearance at the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree was appalling both for his inappropriate speech and the Scouts’ inappropriate response to it. How could Scouts cheer a man whose life reflects such total disdain for the 12 points of the Scout Law? The Donald must have thought he was at a Trump Youth rally.

As Anthony Scaramucci quipped: “The fish stinks from the head down.”

John R. Merrill