There is a catchphrase that reflects situations where for every attempt toward progress is a retrograde action. Please consider what direction you want to go in and you wish for our country.

Since January, we have witnessed repeated actions that cancel any progress we have made in the United States in the last century. Just recently we witnessed yet another such action, one that intends to bar transgender individuals from serving their country.

In the last seven months, we have seen many developments for our well-being withdrawn, such as climate and environmental standards eliminated and the withdrawal from Paris treaty.

Health care, who knows? Every citizen deserves the same health care plan that our Congress gets. Are you getting that level of care? I bet not. Why should a person with brain cancer not get the same level of care that John McCain deserves and receives?

My next question is, what is going to happen once all the progress that has been made is reversed? Given that the only action is to undo what has been done in the last 16 years, and there was no other plan presented during the campaign, what can this wild man think of next?

One thing I do know is that Twitter is here to stay and may get a better market share in social media.

Kim Lane


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