I am amazed how the Department of Transportation got away with the monstrosity they built on Route 202 in Winthrop. I now know why Gov. Paul LePage was hesitant to let the bonds go.

I do not know why they decided do change the intersection; in the 33 years I have lived in Winthrop accidents have been few and far between. In the short time this so-called improvement has been made there have been five accidents. So to temper this, they add more signs; it takes five minutes to read all the signs and figure out which way to go.

Then there is new turn off onto Main Street, a serious safety issue, it is so sharp that fire trucks, ambulances, and tractor-trailer trucks will have a hard time keeping all four wheels down.

The Department of Transportation should give us some resemblance of an explanation for this treacherous change. I figure in another two weeks 15 more signs will be added. Guess I’m glad the medical marijuana vote passed so we can ease our pain.

Scott Eldridge


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