Gov. Paul LePage is a shamefully ignorant man and his words on the tragedy in Charlottsville, Virginia, echo his puppet master, President Donald Trump. Saying that both sides were equally bad, especially since one of the groups were white supremacist Nazis and the other peaceful counterprotesters, is borderline insanity.

And if that wasn’t enough stupid for one morning, he likened the removal of Confederate statues to removing a monument to 9/11 victims. Any grade school student knows the difference between a traitorous general who was upholding slavery and a victim of a terrorist attack.

History is not erased by removing a symbol to a museum or a place where there is proper instruction around its existence. In America, we don’t worship treason, nor do we support neo-Nazis.

The governor should read history. As a Maine voter, I call upon our elected Legislature to censure the governor for these insensitive and inflammatory statements. In my opinion, the only history worth erasing is that LePage was elected governor of Maine.

Diane Bryan


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