The weather over the next several days will have plenty of sunshine by day and generally clear comfortable nights.  Yesterday, many areas reached near 80, but that will be final 80-degree day for a while.  Starting today, highs will reach the mid-70s and will stay at that level into the weekend.

The reason for the nice weather is high pressure. The blue H on the weather map.  This big high in Canada keeps the weather quite nice through the weekend.  Since the high is of Canadian origin, temperatures are also going to be on the cooler side of average.

Strong high pressure keeps it clear through the weekend. NOAA

The biggest change we’ll experience day-to-day is in the daylight.  We are losing nearly 2 minutes and fifty seconds of time between the sunrise and sunset each day this time of year, rapidly approaching the autumnal equinox in less than a month.  The last sunrises before 6 a.m. are now occurring and for those of us, I put myself in this category, who are morning people, we are now getting up in the dark.

The length of time between sunrise and sunset continues to decrease. NOAA

As we head into next week the weather continues dry.  Harvey will be spinning itself to death somewhere over the southern part of the U.S. while we experience very dry weather.  Eventually, a front may pick up whatever moisture is left of Harvey late Labor Day weekend.  The map below shows what will be  some showers, perhaps including the remnants of Harvey over Maine in about 9 days.  This is so far into the future, it could change, especially the timing of any rainfall.

Showers may arrive later Labor Day weekend. Tropical Tidbits

The bottom line is  you can plan on sunny days with highs in the mid 70s and mainly clear comfortable nights in the mid 50s through the end of the month.  The drought won’t be getting any better, that’s for sure.

Drought continues in the same areas as the past week. NOAA

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