AUBURN – A Maine psychotherapist who specializes in treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder says an attorney who defended a man charged with attempted murder should have delved into the disorder during the 2010 trial.

Bartolo Ford is seeking a new trial, saying he was provided inadequate counsel in 2010. The Sun Journal reported that Ford is serving a 20-year sentence after being convicted of aggravated attempted murder.

Edward Tick testified Wednesday that Ford’s former attorney lacked a full understanding of PTSD. The attorney died in March.

Ford is a war veteran who served with the U.S. Army Reserve during Operation Desert Storm. Under cross-examination, Tick said he had not personally examined Ford for the disorder.

During Ford’s trial, prosecutors said he fled from Auburn police after they confronted him about some stolen concrete cylinders. They say he repeatedly rammed their cruisers with his dump truck during the chase. One of the officers shot Ford in the hip.

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