On Sept. 12, the voters from the 10 towns that are served by Regional School Unit 9, the Mt. Blue district, have a duty to go to the polls and rein in the runaway school budget.

I am very surprised that our budgets, which have increased more than $10 million in eight years, have not been rationally controlled with an eye to thrift and regional awareness. All that our budget setting meeting did this past week was hold the line to the same amount the district had for use in the 2016-17 school year. There is no reduction from last year. What is needed on Sept. 12 is a yes vote in the validation referendum. We have to control the relentless growth of the school budget at least for this next year. The school board and administration will figure out what to do with the same amount they had last year.

Our towns have working people who have seen little or no increases their incomes. There are retired citizens who are on fixed incomes. Homes are foreclosed on for mortgage and property tax payment problems. There have been closings of big manufacturing companies, for examples Bass shoe and the Otis paper mill in our area.

In short we must have a pause in school budget increases, so please, everyone, vote yes at the validation vote on Sept. 12.

Bill Reid

New Sharon

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