This summer was pretty average in terms of heat and moisture.  We didn’t have a drought nor did we have any prolonged extreme high temperatures.  When we get a few added bonus days of 80 degree warmth in September it’s rather nice to see the summer extended a bit.  Of course, most are in school or working so the day can be wasted, but it’s a great chance to take your lunch outside today and know the kids are having a lot of fun at recess in the late summer sunshine.

We can thank high pressure for this stunning weather.  The high keeps the air from gaining any moisture and leaves us with all sunshine.  With the early season cold air still way up in Canada, the air warms up a bit each day.

Highs will reach the 80-degree mark around much of Greater Portland Tuesday. NOAA

Today’s highs reach the warm 80 mark, and some interior spots could exceed it by a few degrees.  The coast is typically cooler, but even areas east of Brunswick will enjoy readings in the 70s.

September brings very comfortable sleeping weather.  For me, this is ideal stuff.  The mornings are cool for an hour or two, but overall it’s just great for leaving the windows open all night.

Overnight lows are in the 40s and 50s regularly this time of year. NOAA

Late this work week a few showers will cross the area.  This moisture will have once been loosely associated with Irma and there will be headlines about that, but it’s a talking point, not meteorologically significant; it’s just the chance of showers.

Jose will continue to spin in the Atlantic.  The most likely scenario is it misses New England in about 7-10 days, but it does need to be watched as the forecast here could change.   September is the most active period for Atlantic hurricanes and Jose is forecast to continue to be a hurricane after weakening today.  The track keeps it offshore for the rest of the week.  Some models bring it closer to the Northeast coast next week, but more are keeping it offshore.

Jose is forecast to weaken and then return to hurricane status. NHC/NOAA

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