BRUNSWICK — An individual distributing fliers from a group named “The Forest Brothers” equating the LGBT movement to communism was caught Friday after distributing more fliers on Maine Street, police said.

The identity of the individual, who is a Brunswick resident, has not yet been made public by police. Surveillance video captured the person’s license plate, leading investigators to the identification.

The fliers left earlier this week were emblazoned with a logo for “The Forest Brothers,” which was originally a group of Baltic-based resistance fighters who fought against Soviet-era invasion and occupation forces. Whether there is a more modern version of the group is unknown.

Currently, the Southern Poverty Law Center – which keeps a database tracking the movement of hate groups across the country – does not recognize the organization. Neither does the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine.

Similar fliers had been found at the Burger King on Bath Road earlier this month, and most predominantly on the car of Town Councilor Kathy Wilson.

Wilson discovered the flier on her car on Monday after a 9/11 memorial service, and immediately went to police with the information. She said she felt the flier was a form of threat, and was likely left on her car due to her rainbow bumper sticker.

“I do take it as a threat, only because of my experience all these years,” she said Tuesday. “I am very, very active in the gay community and everybody knows about it.”

Brunswick police have sent the information on the individual distributing the fliers to the civil rights division of the Maine Attorney General’s Office for review. For now, the individual has been served a “department harassment warning” instructing the person not to have contact with Wilson.

The name of the individual is being withheld until it is determined whether a crime has been committed.

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