A few showers and even some heavier downpours crossed the area overnight.  An upper level trough, or dip in the flow of atmospheric winds, moves through the region this afternoon with a renewed chance of showers and storms.

This is the type of day where some of you will stay dry and others see a heavier downpour.  Humidity is going to remain high for mid-September when typically the air has more of a crisp feel to it.  However, this past August was unusually dry with some rather cool nights so I suppose this is just a sort of balancing of things.

Overnight clouds remain locked in place along with some patches of fog.  For you early risers, it could be a bit murky first thing Saturday, but have confidence, things will quickly improve.

The weekend itself is going to be pretty darn nice.  The only fly in the ointment as the saying goes is a chance of a pop-up shower Saturday, mainly in the hills, but this is a small chance and you should focus on the blend of clouds and sunshine in the forecast, not the shower possibility, it’s too small to worry about.

Saturday is quite warm for mid-September. NOAA-Gray

Sunday will also be quite warm with highs nearing 80 well inland in the low to mid 70s on the coastal plain.

Sunday features a lot of sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures. NOAA-Gray

Jose Plays A Role In The Forecast, We Just Don’t Know If It’s A Bit Part Or Starring One Yet


Next week our attention will be on Jose, whatever state that storm is in by that time. The models continue to bring the storm closer to New England and at the very least we are going to see some rough seas and rip currents along our shores.

The trend of the models means there is a possibility of rain and wind in the region in the middle of the week.  It’s impossible to have any sort of confidence in exactly how Jose might impact us.  The storm, even if it was a hurricane, would need to get close enough to the region for the strongest winds to ever be felt onshore.  Rainfall and gusty winds however, occurs much farther away from the center.  This means a pass of even 150 miles could bring a few showers and some gusty winds, closer than that and the rainfall increases as does the wind.

Jose is forecast to be a hurricane next week well south of New England.

Jose is forecast to be a hurricane next week well south of New England. National Hurricane Center

At this point, I would think about what would you do if a strong tropical storm or minimal hurricane reached the shores of southern New England.  Most notably, do you have a boat in the water that would need to come out.  Beyond that, lets focus on the nice weather coming up for the weekend and try not to worry about the possibility of a storm for next week.

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