Many people have been telling me, and you can trust me on this, that our president has been destroying, on a daily basis, many of our beautiful adjectives and American figures of speech.

Think about that, and you’ll know it’s true. You can see it happening everywhere. Trust me. And it’s incredible that it’s happening here in America. Very sad. Unbelievable! Every day you see what’s happening to fantastic words like “incredible,” “unbelievable,” “huge” and even “beautiful,” and it’s a disaster.

It’s a very bad thing — a very, very bad thing — even a very, very, very bad thing — and the truly incredible thing — the really unbelievable thing is, and you can believe me, is that it’s not even the bad, disgusting people in the press who don’t love America or the English language who are doing this. It’s our president. The man who tweets. Incredible.

And you see it happening everywhere, more and more, every day. So you need to be afraid — very, very afraid. But please don’t forget to also be sad while continuing to chant, “Lock her up.”

Abbott Meader


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