A high school’s policy on homecoming dresses is sparking support and ire from across the country.

The Pewaukee School District, in suburban Milwaukee, requires that all “dress-wearing” dance-goers submit photos of their dresses before buying tickets to the Oct. 7 dance. The policy was later amended to allow parents to review the dress guidelines and “assist us to ensure the student attire is compliant.”

Comments on the local newspaper’s story online ranged from fully supportive to completely outraged.

“What happened to letting parents decide what is or isn’t appropriate for their children to wear,” asked Quin Ayers on the Journal Sentinel’s online story.

“Have you seen the clothing today’s teens wear?” asked Jamie Woods in response.

The school says feedback has been “heavily positive and supportive,” the Superintendent Mike Cady said.

“Really the negative reaction has been external, primarily via social media,” he said.

Some girls complained that the policy banning an open-backed dress, or a dress with cutouts, made finding a homecoming dress difficult.

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