As you head outside this morning be prepared for a chilly start to the day with the majority of Maine experiencing temperatures in the 30s and even some 20s!  If you did escape without a killing frost you won’t have to worry about another one for over a week, and that means more growth for fall crops and colorful fall flowers.

It’s below freezing in some spots Tuesday morning. Air Sports Net

It’s been a dry month thus far after a dry end to September, but some of this isn’t all that surprising. The number of days considered sunny or partly sunny in southern Maine has been very high in October.  Northern areas of the state have not been as sunny.  It’s also been a warm month.  You can see below just how warm.  Remember, these records include the non-airport ones as well.

October 2017 in Portland is running very warm. Twitter-Charlie Lopresti

Check out the chart below.  You’ll notice there are more months of the year with more sunshine, but remember, the days are much shorter now, so hours of potential sunshine this month are fewer than six other months of the year in the first place.  However, of October’s 31 days, more of them will typically be considered sunny or partly sunny than any other month.  Only August has more such days and eight other months are less sunny than a typical October.   In years when we have a dry October like this one, it stands to reason it will feature even more clear days than a typical one.

According to the National Climatic Data Center, October is a very sunny month in southern Maine. Dave Epstein

Our weather will be controlled by high pressure for the next week, keeping sunshine and few if any clouds in the forecast.  Temperatures will be cool today and then warm significantly for the rest of the week and the weekend.  This is amazing weather to be enjoyed when possible.  Next month is one of the cloudiest months of the year and often typically brings early snow and cold.   Try to take lunch outside or a long walk this week at least once; these days are numbered.

There is virtually no chance of rain through the weekend. NOAA

There are signs of a pattern change in about week.  At that time a trough of low pressure will develop into the eastern United States and spawn a storm that will move north.  If this were January, I’d likely be forecasting a potential snow or rain storm, but it’s too early for such nonsense, so we’re likely to just experience much-needed rain.  Until then, enjoy all the sunshine, November is coming.

A storm may bring significant rain to New England early next week. Tropical Tidbits.

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