On my afternoon commute recently I witnessed several dangerous drivers. The first, driving a pickup, sped from the light up by Charlie’s in Augusta, as apparently he could not accept anyone going by him. That, thankfully was not contested by the other driver who apparently had more sense than to be a part of this.

When traffic got to J&S in Manchester, this same dangerous driver took both of the lanes and sat looking back through his rear window to see who he wanted to block. One would think somebody with a Purple Heart plate would not endanger people in this way.

The second truck almost rear-ended a car going out Route 17 in Manchester as they slowed for a pedestrian.

Come on folks, would you really want to be responsible for causing death or injury because of your impatience? If you are that angry while driving, pull over until you are calm enough to be safe. It is not about you — it is about those you put at risk.

Mike Swanholm


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