There is not much we can do about the natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and tornadoes, but there is something we can do about the shootings that go on in our world and country. When these mass murders happen, we offer up our prayers for the injured and the family members left behind.

Our prayers may well be real and sincere, but if we can pray openly for people when these catastrophes happen, why is our country so against Christianity, prayer in our schools, and the spoken word of Jesus Christ? It is fine for us to band together during hard times, but not when everything is going fine. That is total insanity.

A lot of our catastrophes might well be avoided if we put God first in our lives to begin with. If we just follow the Ten Commandments in life, do you realize how peaceful and safe our country and world would be? Instead our citizens and our lawmakers vote to take prayer out of the schools, out of our military and tear anything down that has any regard to the Ten Commandments.

We sit back and ask ourselves why do these atrocities happen? Why are men’s minds so evil? What causes them to do such evil things? The answer is in the Bible and started with Adam and Eve. From then on man has sinned. How many of us can say that we try to follow the Ten Commandments?

So what is so bad about prayer and Christianity? Nothing. Only the people who don’t believe and haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as the way, the truth, and the life are against it. Get on board people. Make this a better world.

Barbara Cote


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