I’m writing in response to a letter that was published on Sept. 20 from Joe Grant of Wiscasset (“Medicaid expansion doesn’t work in Maine”).

In his letter, Grant suggested that the Legislature should decide how we move forward with health care in Maine. I am serving my second term in the Legislature, and I can tell you, we have tried to do just that.

During my first term, I voted for a compromise that would have accepted federal funds to make health care coverage affordable for the nearly 25,000 Mainers who lost MaineCare coverage in 2014. That bill was sponsored by a Republican senator and I was proud to vote for it.

Many of my colleagues who served in the 126th Legislature proudly voted for bill after bill after bill that would have accepted Affordable Care Act funding. Time and again, despite bipartisan support, we came up short when we were unable to override the governor’s vetoes.

As a cancer survivor, I know how important it is to be able to see a doctor and seek treatment when we’re sick. It literally means life or death. On Nov. 7, Maine people will have the chance to decide for themselves what the Legislature could not.

Rep. Donna Doore


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