BERLIN — Police say a pair of wild boars have gone on the rampage and injured at least four people in the northern German town of Heide.

Authorities warned people to stay indoors after the adult boars appeared early Friday and began aggressively attacking pedestrians. Public broadcaster NDR reported that at least one man had a finger partially bitten off.

Uwe Ingwersen, left, and Horst Allwardt look at the wild boar that was shot in the center of Heide, northern Germany, Friday.

Police said one of the boars was shot and killed outside a bank but the other is still on the run.

Heide is 62 miles northwest of Hamburg, near Germany’s North Sea coast and the border with Denmark.

The boars tore through the streets and ran through the market square, before making their way into a local bank branch, police told the Telegraph.

Earlier this year, according to the Telegraph report, a herd of wild boars attacked several people, injuring three, near Berlin’s Tegel airport. Local media reported that it took authorities 18 shots to down one 440-pound boar, while the rest of the herd escaped.

Wild boars wandering streets of Berlin in 2008:

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