Americans are a unique brand of individuals. We hail from many corners of the world but come together for the purpose of living a life of many freedoms. We are strong because we can voice our opinion in the face of any adversities. We can kneel or stand at the football game. We are no less “American” by doing so.

We have compassion for those who have less. We come to the aid of those who need our strength and resilience. We help Florida, Texas and we should be helping Puerto Rico and Mexico. By not doing so we begin to erode the moral fiber of what it means to be an American.

Donald Trump and his very wealthy family and cronies who make up this present administration have little respect for what it means to be an American, except perhaps the kind that seeks wealth and power only. Trump has deflected, over and over again, the main issues at hand.

And some Americans fall into the intricate web he creates. They listen and get caught up with the bluster that is Donald Trump, of the NFL players’ right to expression, rather than paying attention to Puerto Rico, hungry children in America, or really solving health care issues.

Another thread that some Americans are not following is that North Korea is a threat and bluster never served anyone in the end. Calling a dictator “rocket man” will gain absolutely nothing except risks to Americans.

But Trump’s web is focused more on gaining more political money at fundraisers instead of dealing with being a president. Let’s consider really, what it means to be an American. IF you thought long and hard, you would know that Trump is not a true American in the values he holds.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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