Once again we Mainers are being asked to approve another casino, this time in southern Maine. The argument is that it will create jobs and benefit a number of Maine’s needs by allocating a percentage of its near-certain profits to dedicated funds. I’ve seen the numbers and I’m impressed. I have to agree with the millions spent to convince me, the concept has merit. It’s such a good idea that I would love to see this casino and hotel built as as soon as possible so the money can start flowing.

I would make only one small change from what is being proposed — I would have the state of Maine and its people own it. It makes no sense to me to agree it’s a money-making job creator and then turn it all over to a questionable group of rich investors who only look to get richer at our expense. Why not hire, at a small percentage of the profits, a company to run the casino with governmental oversight?

Don’t want the state in the business of gambling? Too late. That ship has sailed. We already have the lottery, and besides, if we pass this, we were going to let someone else run it anyway. We would own it, and we, the people of Maine, would reap the benefits without the costly middleman. Why settle for a percentage of the slots and a percentage of the gaming tables and hotel revenue, etc. when we could have it all?

I am not trying to be funny here. I am serious about this. I think it’s a winner and I’m betting that if your really think about it, you will too. The House is always the ultimate winner, so why not own the House?

George Christie

New Vineyard

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