On Sept. 27, this paper published the testing scores for Augusta schools. In every category scores in English, science, and math have gone down in all grades, in all schools, except for Hussey and Farrington schools in science. Knowing how the school administrators in Augusta mistreat teachers, they probably have forced those quality teachers out of our school system.

We, the taxpayers of Augusta, are continually asked to vote for more money for the schools, being assured by school leaders that more money will help students be more successful.

Really? Because this is the second year in row that testing scores are abysmal. The superintendent, assistant superintendent, and school administrators have all received two raises in two years for the fantastic job they are doing for the students of Augusta. Here is the result of the fantastic work: 27.4 percent of Cony students meet the state math standard; 21 percent of students at Farrington meet the state math standard; 23.3 percent of students at Gilbert meet the state math standard; 33.8 percent of students at Lincoln meet the state math standard.

Do they teach math in school? What scores are low enough for parents in this city to finally demand excellence? When are parents in this city going to demand more from their school leaders and more for their children? Or do parents only care about the next winning football team?

The next curriculum committee meeting should be Nov. 8 at 5:30 p.m. at City Center. A very inconvenient time for parents. One wonders why such an important committee could not meet at a more convenient time for parents and taxpayers. It’s almost like no one who gets paid to educate our children cares about education.

Kathleen Mahoney


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