My family and I moved to Whitefield in March of this year; five more families came in the following months.

We have all been humbled by the warm welcome we have received from the local and surrounding communities and towns, and we thank all who stop in to see us, whether it is just to chat or for business. Local government and law enforcement officials deserve special thanks for their assistance.

To date there have been two minor daytime accidents on the road, following which both the motor vehicle and buggy drivers amicably resolved the incidents to their satisfaction.

Road safety should be everyone’s concern and we have equipped the buggies with 60 feet of the Department of Transportation-approved reflective tape and a red reflecting lantern. We teach our young drivers to respect all road users. For us the biggest issue is that buggies don’t exceed 15 mph, while motor vehicles travel at least 40 mph. We sincerely appreciate the respect, understanding, and courtesy drivers have shown us when following, approaching, and passing our horse-drawn buggies.

If you have any questions regarding our Amish community and its practices, please feel free to stop and ask us.

Mose Yoder


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