A lifelong resident of Waterville, I have seen many changes in our city and its leadership. Without doubt our Mayor Nick Isgro has been the right leader for our times.

As someone whose family roots here in Waterville go back generations, Nick understands more than anyone the deep and abiding connection of Waterville families and its history of a thriving middle class.

Watching Nick’s focus on rebuilding our middle-class job market so that once again Waterville is a place where all can thrive and raise families with opportunity has given our family hope in Waterville’s future. All around the city that hope and optimism is something that now can be found in the majority of Waterville residents.

While Nick has led Waterville with integrity and passion, he has also stood up for the residents over special interest so all of us can rise together.

Please vote for Nick Isgro for mayor.

Nikki Libby


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