Mayor Nick Isgro has worked tirelessly to get our city moving forward again. We have struggled to find economic replacements for the jobs that were lost when our mills closed. This will be a challenge, but Nick has a vision and is determined to see it through.

Critics accuse him of only looking to cut taxes at the expense of our students and our most needy. There is nothing further from the truth. He understands that we cannot spend our way into prosperity and that we must adhere to an economy of scale. He understands that we cannot run our schools and our municipality the same way we did when our population was larger and our tax base was more vibrant.

Mayor Isgro is energetic, thoughtful, and forward thinking. He is fiscally conservative. He understands that every dollar that flows through City Hall was earned off of the backs of hard-working people. That reality shapes his every decision. Re-elect Mayor Isgro.

Brian Dutil


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