It is a pleasure to be able to agree with a statement from our governor.

Recently, Gov. Paul LePage called the York County casino question (Question 1 on the November ballot) “a phony deal.” He accused casino supporters of using a bait-and-switch tactic and pointed out that Question 1 has nothing to do with funding schools or creating jobs.

The question is worded so that only one person qualifies for the casino opportunity.

Judging from the huge number of “Yes on 1” signs along our roads, a casual observer might think that there is a groundswell of support. It is a total illusion. Supporters of the casino question have spent millions of dollars to help create this illusion.

The fact is that casinos make money for their operators by taking it away from those who gamble there.

Whatever may be the merit of allowing another casino in Maine, no thoughtful voter should support a rigged process that allows only one person to be eligible to operate it.

I’m delighted to support the governor’s opposition to Question 1. I too will vote no.

Jon Lund


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