I’m voting yes on Question 2 on Nov. 7, and I hope everyone will do so to expand access to health coverage for thousands of Mainers, most who work but aren’t offered coverage through their employer and earn too little to afford coverage.

Expanding access to coverage is the right thing to do for people who need care. Question 2 will reduce charity care by 40 percent, thereby helping our hospitals and community health centers, which struggle to provide care to the uninsured. We all benefit, which is why 31 other states have expanded Medicaid coverage and continue to do so, even though they could stop at anytime. Expanding coverage pays for itself with savings and increased tax revenue.

Other states have seen uninsured rates decrease, as well as other benefits. Kennebec County will benefit in many ways — 6,000 people will be eligible for coverage, 560 good-paying jobs will be created, and $49 million of new federal funding will flow into our local economy. Hospitals in Kennebec County will save $23.3 million as fewer people need uncompensated care.

Please vote yes on Question 2.

Dale McCormick


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